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Mom You’ll Always Be Around

‘Moving’-A small six letter word but evokes a dozen different emotions, and all at once. It brings the excitement of going to a new place, the fun of meeting new people, it also has the curiosity of learning new things and somewhere it has the pain of leaving things behind. Things that you have known for long enough and some people who just don’t seem to get out of the head. It’s difficult to say for all but for a majority, we never grow big enough, mature enough not to miss mom. In fact in a new country, she’s the one who can help beat the blues and get along with the people. From the universal mom’s diary, following 5 lessons may be handy in settling at a new place.

  • Listen from your heart

Expectations of the boyfriend, attitude of co-workers, weather, money, the lady residing down the road, the black dog, crops this year and god knows what, we all have something to say about everything. Most of us want to be listened or more importantly to be understood. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you are going, listen to what people have to say, show that you really want to know about it. If someone likes fishing, you do not have to be an expert to talk on the topic. Ask questions, let them do the talking.

  • Do not judge

Amongst all the lessons moms teach in the childhood, respecting others beliefs, religion and customs is usually somewhere at the top of the list. As an expat, you may find some of the things a little awkward, obviously they are a lot different from the place you are coming but be open to things. No one is telling you to agree or believe but you do not have to disagree or judge too.

  •   Learn to say no

Just because you are in a new place, does not mean you have to try 24 × 7 to fit in. It is completely okay to be a little closed to experiences at times. The emotional pressure can really take a toll on body and brain, so take out some time and do things that provide YOU the happiness. Exercise, walk, meditate, eat or simply sit down.

  •  Know what you feel

Being sad at times is not a bad thing. You may, or rather will, miss things back home, thinking about what the dog might be doing, how mother would have prepared the supper tonight. It would also fetch the usual emptiness but just like happiness, this is also another feeling, a feeling that is good to experience some times, remember that only some times.

  • Share with others

As much as you are curious about the new place, the new place is curious about you too. People want to listen about where you come from. They want to know what you like to eat, what’s famous in your town and what drinks are drunk back at your home. Share your experiences, your food and your jokes to strike a chord with them.   


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