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A lot of traveling and which means a lot of reading too. I made it a point to write about a lot of things in this time but ended up sitting idle looking at the ever-changing landscape and reading whatever I can get. I feel empty, there’s absolutely no urge to write so I’ll rather share two things from a book.
The first excerpt is a list by the character Javits; a list of what society thinks is normal and anything outside it, makes people uncomfortable and threatened.  
What normality means in this world?

1) Anything that makes us forget our true identity and our dreams and makes us only work to produce and reproduce.

2) Making rules for a war.

3) Spending years at university and to find a job.

4) Working from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon at something that does not give us the least pleasure, so that we can retire after 30 years.

5) Retiring only to discover that we have no more energy to enjoy life, and then dying of boredom after a few years.

6) Making love, even when you don’t want to, just to show that you have it.

7) Trying to be financially successful instead of seeking happiness.

8) Ridiculing those who seek happiness instead of money by calling them “people with no ambition”.

9) Comparing objects like cars, houses and clothes, and defining life according to these comparisons instead of really trying to find out the true reason for being alive.

10) Not talking to strangers. Saying nasty things about our neighbors.

11) Thinking that parents are always right.

12) Getting married, having children and staying together even though the love has gone, claiming that it’s for the sake of the children (who do not seem to be listening to the constant arguments).

13) Criticizing everybody who tries to be different.

14) Waking up with a hysterical alarm-clock at the bedside.

15) Believing absolutely everything that is printed.

16) Wearing a piece of colored cloth wrapped around the neck for no apparent reason and known by the pompous name “tie”.

17) Never asking direct questions, even though the other person understands what you want to know.

18) Keeping a smile on your face when you really want to cry. And feeling sorry for those who show their own feelings.

19) Thinking that art is worth a fortune, or else that it is worth absolutely nothing.

20) Always despising what was easily gained, because the “necessary sacrifice” – and therefore also the required qualities – are missing.

21) Following fashion, even though it all looks ridiculous and uncomfortable.

22) Being convinced that all the famous people have tons of money saved up.

23) Investing a lot in exterior beauty and paying little attention to interior beauty.

24) Using all possible means to show that even though you are a normal person, you are infinitely superior to other human beings.

25) In any kind of public transport, never looking straight into the eyes of the other passengers, as this may be taken for attempting to seduce them.

26) When you enter an elevator, looking straight at the door and pretending you are the only person inside, however crowded it may be.

27) Never laughing out loud in a restaurant, no matter how funny the story is.

28) As you grow older, thinking you are the wisest man in the world, even though not always do you have enough life experience to know what is wrong.

29) Going to a charity event and thinking that in this way you have collaborated enough to put an end to all the social inequalities in the world.

30) Eating three times a day, even if you’re not hungry.

31) Believing that the others are always better at everything: they are better-looking, more resourceful, richer and more intelligent. Since it’s very risky to venture beyond your own limits, it’s better to do nothing.

32) Using the car as a way to feel powerful and in control of the world.

33) Using foul language in traffic.

34) Thinking that everything your child does wrong is the fault of the company he or she is keeping.

35) Marrying the first person who offers you a position in society. Love can wait.

36) Always saying “I tried”, even though you haven’t tried at all.

37) Putting off doing the most interesting things in life until you no longer have the strength to do them.

38) Avoiding depression with massive daily doses of television programs.

39) Believing that it is possible to be sure of everything you have won.

40) Thinking that women don’t like football and that men don’t like interior decoration.

41) Blaming the government for everything bad that happens.

42) Being convinced that being a good, decent and respectful person means that the others will find you weak, vulnerable and easy to manipulate.

43) Being convinced that aggressiveness and discourtesy in treating others are signs of a powerful personality.

44) And finally, thinking that your religion is the sole proprietor of the absolute truth, the most important, the best, and that the other human beings in this immense planet who believe in any other manifestation of God are condemned to the fires of hell.  

The second one is a popular poem that many of us have already read, but it’s worth the time every time.

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


  1. I loved it. Something nice you came up with this time. Although there were few points I might think a bit differently...:)

    Getting married, having children and staying together even though the love has gone, claiming that it’s for the sake of the children (who do not seem to be listening to the constant arguments).-At times all that parents want is the sole happiness of their children. I agree that kids would obviously listen to their parents arguing, but that doesn't mean the love between them is over. Most of the kids undergo huge changes and transitions when their parents get divorced. I really believe that parents should always try and sort things out just for the sake of their kids. is not the kids fault if they were brought in this world. They have a world beyond them to see and discover and that definitely doesn't/shouldn't begin with encountering something like divorce/getting separated. Human is a social animal. We do things to survive, doesn't mean we trample over our own things...

    Keeping a smile on your face when you really want to cry. And feeling sorry for those who show their own feelings.-Uhmm...well keeping a smile doesn't mean you are weak. It means you are strong and fighting an issue that is going within you. We may want to cry 24*7, but who cares? Half of the world, say 80%, trying not to exaggerate, doesn't bother about how we feel. So, why give them a chance to point a finger at us, and say, "She/he cribs all the time!"...haha...Always carry on with a smile, no matter how broken you are from inside. Cos world will give you a thousand reasons to cry, crib, be is up to you what you look out for...a sunshine or a rainy day :)

    When you enter an elevator, looking straight at the door and pretending you are the only person inside, however crowded it may be.-hahaha...I do that all the time. It is kind of embarrassing, clogged among soo many can barely move...

    Avoiding depression with massive daily doses of television programs.-Uhmm...something serious again...I guess, watching tv soaps are a way better option than being dependent on anti-depressant pills/drugs? I feel everybody has a way of coping up with situations...I listen to music when I'm low/depressed...In fact, I study with music on :) it's a way may be, to meditate and keep calm. I guess, anything that could keep you away from being heavily sedated with drugs is a better option. :)

    But, overall a very nice write-up...
    Keep writing!!

    1. Of course, you have all the right to disagree. wow you read it in detail and wrote with a lot of depth. I am flattered, won't even dare to argue back on any point just because you took out time to write what you feel. Thanks a lot lot lot for writing.

    2. Haha...nah nah I don't disagree....what you wrote is actually quite's just that I feel differently :)

      And, mention's always nice to read a good write think...and that's something I really love. Cos you don't find many who do that anymore now days...LOL...

    3. wow flattered again........I can get used to it..unfortunately getting some superb compliments just down really helps if someone just says well tried even if the piece is a junk.

    4. I never think anybody can write a junk xD...if you wrote it, then it's prolly worth a read...:)
      And, what is anonymous anyway? Your parents gave you a name. Too shy to may be share it with us?

    5. gosh saumya, you are just amazing. I don't think anonymous is commenting again. It's good to have you on team in comment fights.

    6. The reason I closed down my commenting section xD...You are soo patient. I have this thing in me, always end up fighting/arguing. LOL. I got two such comments and I was out, LOL...seriously. People need to learn to give respect to others' who dare to have a thinking bulb, perhaps that they don't have. They argue, pin point flaws, tell you your thinking is baseless, irrational...I say BS. Humara blog hai, humari marzi ismein kachra kyon na bhar de!? What's your problem? Are you paying for this? LOL...we pay for the govt.goof ups, taxes, vat what not! People give two hoots for that. But, if a person thinks and dares to speak his mind, mc, dare he speak that? I don't like him/her...LMAO...It's an annoying way xD

    7. I am also quite possessive about what I write but pleasing all is not possible na. In fact, almost 50 percent who read will have an opinion but only who strongly feel something will comment. Believe me, if someone writes, then you must have had an impact in his/her mind, it may be negative or positive. Else who has the time to write...All said, I really , really like the way you said 'that' to anonymous. Wish I could do the same too more often. thanks

    8. Haha...koi na! People differ and so does their way of handling things :) You do it in a perfectly dignified manner...uhmm I choose to get a little down and dirty

      And, yup...mostly people will differ in their opinions...but you can't go around telling people, "Hey mister, wait up! I don't like you, cos you think differently and try to be something different." ...I mean neither would you care so much nor would it be appropriate...

      xD That's just me, well Mr./Ms. Un-named might differ, for sure ...

    9. differ? the person must be wanting to burn my blog. don't worry your style is electric. now I'll really look forward to something like this happening on your post, she/he will think twice after that encounter.

    10. the last comments on these posts (If you wish to xD)'ll be electrified for sure...

      I closed down my comments after these...Dunnoe whether it was the right thing or wrong..but who cares... :P They didn't before commenting something hurtful.

    11. Hahaha...I wish people would be this scared of me xD ...

      Something like this did happen was funny...

    12. ahh i just read the last comments... pathetic seriously. Pure negativity, the guy is saying that you have issues, that could be the most insensitive thing one can write. wasn't electric, you did right, justified comments...gosh what will I do if people write that here? will have to shut down.

    13. Uhmmm :P...It was my worst experience till date, to be honest with you. I have never come across such negativity anywhere. I can't get how people can be so insensitive? Well, I guess that's how they I deleted those posts....waise b 1 edition was done, so it was justified...and now only limited posts of mine will have the comments section.

    14. must have been depressing, never mind you write good, great actually, obviously you know that....just keep doing that...don't reply if such think happens now, I have to repay so I'll do that.

    15. Plsssss....You don't have to repay anything!! Friends don't do that. LOL. I will have my heart-beat in check, thinking Anonymous might have commented...lmao..always the case when you start a fight xD

      Thank you thank you...I dunnoe anything, except that blogging is fun=adrenaline rush!! haha..

    16. *such thing happens

      i don't think that he'll mess up with you. that was a solid comment from you, i'll delete if anything indecent comes up anyways.

      wow adrenalin rush, for me, it keeps me at peace.

  2. so what should we do? do what others dont, pretending to be cool? i dont like people who think thar they are better then others

    1. I surely didn't mean that. Anyways you disagree, it's perfectly fine......thanks for stopping by and writing.

    2. ya ya pretend that u r polite n know everything about world

    3. I really hate to jump in...but I just can't resist the temptation...(Utter stupidity is always an invitation for me...LMAO)

      Well, Mr/Ms.Anonymous...the writer writes without imposing his thoughts on the readers. It is up to the readers to actually perceive the meaning, in their own manner and form an illusion of this image, that may be this is what he/she meant. Secondly, we all try and show off a bit of everything we have ever encountered. It doesn't mean, you/somebody else can simply push us around, trying to tell us, rather argue that what we know is crap, and that we know nothing

      You may fairly disagree, always have a way of disagreeing. Suggesting is different, pushing yourself on to a situation/conversation is totally different and unethical.

    4. I guess you really hate me na? never mind, I'll maintain, thanks for commenting. see you around or may be not.

    5. ouuuchh Anonymous that must have hurt...she's actually quite right. Didn't want to say it but it's quite judgmental to read things with an opinion in mind. Everyone lives life in a different way and any piece of work, be it a painting, article, sketch or just about anything is a way of expressing what he/she thinks. You can't blame someone for using charcoal instead of water colors....just a friendly advice, hope it helps.


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