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I'll be writing on from now on.

You call yourself a writer but I never see you using a pen”
“That’s coz I type on the laptop sweetheart”
“Then you should call yourself a typer (she meant typist)”

This is my conversation with my five-year old cousin sister. She really has a valid point here. It’s so valid that I considered renaming my blog to ‘The Typist’. I could have gone with philosophical answers like:

It doesn’t matter when thoughts flow, you can use anything to give it a physical form. It can be a pen, charcoal, brush, spray and of course now-a-days my life KEYBOARD.”

But, I guess it’s best to let women win irrespective of their age. Well that’s what I wanted to write about from quite some time. Eating out a lot lately and had some chances to sit quietly and look around. At times, I really feel bad about the plunging levels of ‘mannerism’ when people are out with a girl. Of course, in any way, I can’t be called an expert or even an intermediate at this but I guess there has to be a basic list. So that thought inspired me to write down a ‘List of My Top 5 Tips when you are out with someone’ or maybe I need a cooler name, how about ‘Shortcut to be Elegantly Cool’? Okay I’ll get back to the name later. Here goes my list:

1. Hold It There

Getting out of the car/off the bike walking as swiftly as possible while your partner is lagging behind, taking phone out of pocket, checking messages and crashing into the place like a terrorist - Seems like a very usual sight?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can hold the door for the lady? In no way I meant just a girlfriend, it can be your sister, mum, aunt, friend or virtually anyone. Is it too much of an effort to make?

How To: Next time you are out with a girl, walk with her. Yeah it might be a slow walk, but you can take out time except if you are two-timing and have another date to look after. Take a quick step near door and open it for her. A smile would be just perfect.

2.  Not a Musical Chair          
Unless, you are playing musical chair, there is really no need to rush on to the table before her. Although I am not a big fan of pull-her-a-chair rule, I make sure I do that. And no I am not talking about some big fancy restaurant; it can be McDonald’s, Subway or just simple a coffee place. I guess most guys love to follow this thing on the first date and then woossh, it’s gone. Okay it might be too much to ask but at least wait for her to sit.

How To: There are no hard and fast rules as such, just make sure that you don’t bang chair into her legs while slipping it back. 

 3.  Luggage Dilemma

Now this is something that hurts me the most. I don’t know why it happens but I can’t see a girl or lady holding heavy bags and trying to place them on the trolley or carrying them on a railway platform. Can’t you just take her bag or at least help her out?        

How To: Stop flexing your muscles and put them to some good use. Take bags from her or if there are too many, for god’s sake hire a coolie.

Precaution: Helping other people out is good too but make sure you don’t specifically go to pretty girls and keep getting slapped or to irritated elders who can get you in jail for theft attempt.

4.  Time! Time! Time!

‘Where are you? I am waiting’

Ooouuch I won’t say why it’s bad to get late so let’s just get to the reasons. Okay men have problems with dates and times. We can’t remember appointments, dates, movie timings and the list goes on. It’s actually really REALLY rude to make a girl wait. Use technology mate. What’re schedulers for?

How To: As you are talking on meeting on a certain day, add the event in your phone and set at least 3 alarms. One would remind you in the morning and other 2? Just in case.

5.  I’d like you to decide the number 5. So what do you think is an etiquette blunder when you are out with a girl? I’ll rather provide some other miscellaneous points to help.

  • Don’t consume excessive alcohol. Be in your senses, drink like a camel some other day.
  • Don’t be absolutely quite. Keep talking, say anything absolutely anything.
  • Don’t ignore her talking to other friends; you brought her so better pay some attention.

P.S. - I am absolutely not trying to judge anyone. Obviously, things depend on relationship between two people. I, too, misbehave quite intensely when out with some of my friends. Some of the things might sound like clichés; well it’s my list ;)    



  1. :) my no.5 will be alcohol as u mentnd in bullets. its fun to gt wastd sometms though ;) nice one ish

    1. hey niharika, I knew you'll say that...thanks girl for reading and writing

    2. achha? thnks hmm haha

  2. LOL, ya i agree my no. 5? ahh should b keep cellphone away

    1. quite difficult though :) thanks for reading Sid

  3. do i see colour? :) nice 1. i need to write 2, hw do u make a blog?

    1. yes irene, you see color.....i told you no? go to any provider, they'll guide you through the steps..let me know if you want me to do it for publish your poems, your vocab is mind blowing, I wish I can also ever reach there.

  4. Haha I so loved this one!! Not cliched at all. I mean, certain codes especially when dealing with a lady, would never get outdated!!

    My #5:-
    Talk about the person you are with. It is always nice to know the other person has interest in us (Even if you have to pretend like you are taking interest in their talks/gossips). Casual compliments would further ensure you are noticing the little details, it will for sure make the other one feel special.(No matter how much you hate the new nail paint she just bought, but it is always about being a keen observer, and girls dig it!) :) Haha

    Actually to be honest, when out with a girl, your check list can never be full. There is, prolly always something that you will miss out for sure, and then give your lady opponent a chance to complaint that you aren't what she expected or whatever :P

    1. wow nail paint, I'll add that to my list "wow its looks absolutely so stunning on your nails or the color suits you yaar" let's see what happens.............aww list can't be full? tum aise nikloge? maine kabhi socha bhi nahi tha type? :D thanks saumya for coming to this green place

    2. Hahaha yeah exactly xD

      Keep that I can keep reading :P
      God bless...and yes, nice one!

    3. (* it looks abso...)

      :) waiting for your next one

  5. :) geat place man

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