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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Closed Letter

I feel extremely ecstatic about this another blow in my presumption of being a decent writer. I sincerely thank god for earthy feedback like the one I received last time ‘it is not up to the company standards and will not be published’ that keeps me grounded and from thinking ‘outside the box’, which everyone apparently thinks is cool, dude it’s not. Tried and tested works better.

I guess great inspirational lines sucks. They say that you ought to fail while trying something new and there is nothing wrong about it. Lol, they didn’t know that in real world, diverting from set standards and trying something new makes you look foolish. Poor old people needed to learn that innovation and attempts at it are outcast and duly insulted.

As an amateur, I used to write for the fun of it. How foolish of me? But now, having learned a few tricks, I know that fun is for losers. You got to have a plan, in which every word must be explained if asked to, at any point of time. I should always be prepared for why is there a ‘the thing’ instead of ‘it’ in a sentence. The smarter ‘me’ now knows that it’s actually a part of the greater good. Since that remarkable day, I have permanently set my Facebook status to ‘Feeling blessed’ for the knowledge bestowed upon me.

Moving forward, I’ve also learned about a universal way to write. That’s right, I already said it: innovation sucks. There are no new or different ways. Here is how it goes.

Some shitty one liner or whatever makes you interested.
You should be scared.
Illogical logic.
You should be scared.
Are you bored and scared? Good.
Here’s our product.
Here’s how great our company is.

In simpler terms, toss a bit of philosophy with shreds of tech stuff that’s difficult to understand. Then turn completely inward. It should be neither too easy, people might know that there’s nothing substantial, nor too difficult, they should just think that you know a little bit more than them. Who’s they (target audience)? Fuck it. No one cares. Everyone from Zambia to America, even aliens if they have a computer for that matter. Who would want to miss if they need our product in like 100 years?

Note: Those last two points: product and company are absolutely critical to the salary.

Done? Not yet. At times, the commas have to be moved and words changed to preferences from some nine to 10 individuals, who might also have contradictory arguments. But does it really matter? I am the writer and it’s my job to compile it all and keep everyone happy, of course then do a little grammar and spell check. So much for my ignorance in the first place, oh wait, I didn’t make those changes. Never mind. Plus, as a writer, I must know every word that have ever existed (still working on this one).

Really. It doesn’t matter if I am trying to help the reader. Advanced writing is all about impressing and pride boost, like those vintage poets did in kings’ courts, so I place Approval before Value. It doesn’t really matter who will read it in the end, the control to publish lies someplace else. The critical question here is: Will it get approved?

Additionally, I have also learned not to ask to praise or credit for work. Writers need to be kept in check with constant criticism.

I will never let anyone else tell me otherwise. Brain’s shut down to everything else henceforth.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jordan by Ishan Mathur

Greetings Everyone,

It’s been a while since I had last written anything about anything. Gladly, I was busy with my upcoming novel, which has been a great project.

Now my idea has been to present something extraordinary. Firstly, it’s not a love story. Pheeew. I know a lot of there are out there.

Jordan is something else. Surprisingly, I really don’t have any words on it. So I’ll just share the cover picture here and keep you all posted on its availability in India and all other countries.

Keep the love coming till then. Need it.

Take Care
Ishan Mathur

Jordan- The Novel

Friday, December 12, 2014

What is Rape?

We are angels
Fallen from the skies
Weakened by our deed
Ruined by our greed

Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration initiated against one or other individuals without consent. That’s what Wikipedia tells me.

Is it just that or something much more? I’ll break it into something more fundamental, what provokes rape? Why would someone rape? For sexual pleasure? There are dozens of other ways to get that without forcing someone.

Some wise men said that when you cannot find the answer, you are probably not looking at the question close enough. The answers are at times hidden in the most fundamental part of the problem and this is what I think is happening with rape in India. I don’t know how it is in the world, I haven’t been to anyplace else. But for here, I have a version, an explanation.  

I’ll share an incident from my gym. Picture this.

A teenager walks into the gym. He is probably 14 and is dressed in simple clothes, something that any usual guy would prefer, loose batman t, gym pants, and sneakers. He is thin, actually very thin and is probably teased by titles like hanger, matchstick and so on, something like it was with me. He needs exercise and it’s a great idea to add some mass by lifting weights. Everybody wants to look good after all.

“Naya hai?” a bulky regular gym guy walks to him and asks.

This guy is the usual one that you’d find in possibly every gym. He is a self proclaimed stud with huge biceps and strategically placed tattoos only on forearm and neck.

“Ha,” our thin teenager answered.

Within a matter of seconds, the conversation jumped to if he has a girlfriend to if he has ever fucked a girl.

“Li hai kabhi kisi ki?” another huge guy joins.

I was running on the treadmill nearby. I wanted to walk into the conversation and get into a fight. It happens with me a lot. Over the time, I’ve realized no one cares. This time, I wanted to see what happens if I don’t jump into the moralities of it and just be there to witness things unfold.

Our thin teenager was actually smiling. He didn’t know how to react. To him, these studs were possibly something he wanted to become. This was his version of coolness. He loved the idea of looking like them, being ‘cool’ like them, which brings me to my school days when I had to go through such experiences too.

Believe me, it’s actually tough being a boy, especially in schooling days. Growing up, we realize that getting attracted to girls is natural and we need to do something about it. Good seniors know nothing about it. Bad seniors tell us that girls also have needs, but they cannot express it in public.

“Kabhi-kabhi zor zabardasti karni padti hai, woh sirf naatak karti hain. Unhe bhi chahiye hota hai,” I was once told by a senior.

These were the times when I was being told about how to score, but for other times, situation was much worse.

“Ye ladko ke saath hi ghumti hai. Aisi ke saath toh hona hi chahiye,”

“Bas ek baar mil jaaye yaar kaise bhi,”

(I’m sorry I know this is raw, but nobody talks about it.)

The guys we grow up watching use these lines loosely. They throw it at every crossroad. I believe it’s difficult to choose for a guy what to believe in.

I know having sexual thoughts or getting attracted to someone is amazing. Humans are engineered that way. But is it really just that?               
I know that I am no one and the problem is huge. Still I’d like to redefine rape. It’s not just the act. I believe that it’s the crime that society draws upon women. It starts days and months in advance from the actual forced intercourse. It’s hidden in the words we speak, psychical outcomes naturally follow. Chinese put it in a beautiful proverb

“Watch your thoughts they become your words. Watch your words they become your action. Watch your actions they become your character.”  

I believe that if you think about it a thousand times, even remotely unconsciously, chances are probably that you’ll do it. The scarcity of true idols growing up is unfortunate.   

Open letter to all boys growing up in men

A girl is beautiful. Find a calm spot and take out time to see what I mean. Watch her walking lost in her thoughts. Watch her reading a book or purchasing grocery somewhere. She’ll look the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.

She is beautiful, but she’s not a thing. She has thoughts and choices just like you do. It’s okay if she is smoking or sitting alone. She is allowed to do that, because her parents told her to follow her will. 
May be she is rude or arrogant. Probably it’s just her defense shield guarding her against tones of people who look at her as a thing.

If you want to impress her, make sure that you’re worth it. Look good, workout, she loves it, but she doesn’t want a bodyguard. Read, she loves depth, but she doesn’t need a bookworm either. And there’s no need for tattoos or biker jackets. Just keep your soul in place.  

Go talk to her. Tell her that you like her. She might reject you, but take pride in walking to her. It’s okay if she doesn’t like you. Probably she has dreams to follow, may be you are just not her type. There’s no shame in that.

You want to have sex with her? Talk about it. She will, if she trusts you at a point and if you’re worth it. It will be the greatest honor of your life, but not the one you can showcase. It’s not something that you can share with your friends. Plus, tell her if you do not plan to marry her. It’s okay, probably she thinks the same.

She is a mystery. A beautiful one, handled with care and respect no matter what she does or how she behaves. It’s none of your business.

Above all, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.   

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mom You’ll Always Be Around

‘Moving’-A small six letter word but evokes a dozen different emotions, and all at once. It brings the excitement of going to a new place, the fun of meeting new people, it also has the curiosity of learning new things and somewhere it has the pain of leaving things behind. Things that you have known for long enough and some people who just don’t seem to get out of the head. It’s difficult to say for all but for a majority, we never grow big enough, mature enough not to miss mom. In fact in a new country, she’s the one who can help beat the blues and get along with the people. From the universal mom’s diary, following 5 lessons may be handy in settling at a new place.

  • Listen from your heart

Expectations of the boyfriend, attitude of co-workers, weather, money, the lady residing down the road, the black dog, crops this year and god knows what, we all have something to say about everything. Most of us want to be listened or more importantly to be understood. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from or where you are going, listen to what people have to say, show that you really want to know about it. If someone likes fishing, you do not have to be an expert to talk on the topic. Ask questions, let them do the talking.

  • Do not judge

Amongst all the lessons moms teach in the childhood, respecting others beliefs, religion and customs is usually somewhere at the top of the list. As an expat, you may find some of the things a little awkward, obviously they are a lot different from the place you are coming but be open to things. No one is telling you to agree or believe but you do not have to disagree or judge too.

  •   Learn to say no

Just because you are in a new place, does not mean you have to try 24 × 7 to fit in. It is completely okay to be a little closed to experiences at times. The emotional pressure can really take a toll on body and brain, so take out some time and do things that provide YOU the happiness. Exercise, walk, meditate, eat or simply sit down.

  •  Know what you feel

Being sad at times is not a bad thing. You may, or rather will, miss things back home, thinking about what the dog might be doing, how mother would have prepared the supper tonight. It would also fetch the usual emptiness but just like happiness, this is also another feeling, a feeling that is good to experience some times, remember that only some times.

  • Share with others

As much as you are curious about the new place, the new place is curious about you too. People want to listen about where you come from. They want to know what you like to eat, what’s famous in your town and what drinks are drunk back at your home. Share your experiences, your food and your jokes to strike a chord with them.   

Monday, December 24, 2012

Scribble 5

Why there are voices in my head
Contrasting to what I get
Grow up, grow they say
You have to find your way
If you haven’t started yet
How far will you get
What if you reach nowhere?
What if you are too late to be there?

The voices are just too smart
I don’t think they even have a heart
They say these are the ways of world
You have to run run and run
They command not to look back
They insist it’s just too dark
They say there is a lot to fear
I say I don’t care

I tell them that I can see mum back there
They ask how will she get here
Mirages are not for real
Shut the fuck up and get over the ordeal

I sigh that I have no one
They question the need for someone
They insist it’s not a usual journey
It’s over friends, family, luxuries and money

I whisper am I mad
I ask if I am mad
I shout if I am mad
I scream if I am mad
But the voices just don’t come back