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Scribble 5

Why there are voices in my head
Contrasting to what I get
Grow up, grow they say
You have to find your way
If you haven’t started yet
How far will you get
What if you reach nowhere?
What if you are too late to be there?

The voices are just too smart
I don’t think they even have a heart
They say these are the ways of world
You have to run run and run
They command not to look back
They insist it’s just too dark
They say there is a lot to fear
I say I don’t care

I tell them that I can see mum back there
They ask how will she get here
Mirages are not for real
Shut the fuck up and get over the ordeal

I sigh that I have no one
They question the need for someone
They insist it’s not a usual journey
It’s over friends, family, luxuries and money

I whisper am I mad
I ask if I am mad
I shout if I am mad
I scream if I am mad
But the voices just don’t come back


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What shouldI promisethat has not been promised?
ShouldI swearto hold you like this forever?
Or shouldI cross my heartto leave you never?

What shouldI bringyou that has never been brought?
Doyou wishfor those classic moons and stars?
Or doyou wantme to win those brutal wars?

Butas always, the truth is still the same
As always, I am still talking to your name
As always, I don’t know what feelings to frame
As always, I have a destiny to blame

What canI doto make this note travel?
CanI shoutin a voice that could possibly touch your heart?
Or canI askthe winds to play my part?

Perhaps, a postal stamp will strike my deal
Or maybe I should call you to talk over the meal
Butas always, where do I find the courage that I need
As always, another page goes down, maybe someday you'll read