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I pick up a pen to write something and end up looking at the infinity on the wall. Words, so powerful that they can change the world, still can’t find a line that could describe how I feel. Yet again, I take my bag and travel to places that are out of my comfort zone. I don’t know what am I looking for but that makes me happy, I feel alive so I do it. My dreams are those colors that only I know about or maybe I don’t. Still will keep up the act of looking for something I have lost and maybe someday I’ll find it.

I bumped into people who are a part like me, a lot like me. They all have dreams, I just know it. Dreams are not always crazy, some want to see their children grow, maybe they want to have a daughter or maybe they just want to buy a house. But for now, they are quite happy with the dream of having that one day.

They say that the dumbest guy would the one who keeps doing the same thing and expects something new to happen. I have been dumb for quite long enough, now I want to do new things and expect something new to happen. I have also been hated for quite long enough for not being more like others. I do some random works that cannot be labeled stable in any sense, I love many people and still can’t hold that for eternity, I scar my body and my soul with inks and I accept that I have been stupid in love. Still I feel thrilled about all this, I don’t regret it and surely I am not going to do something to make judgmental people happy but again I want everyone to love me.

Right now, I am in love. I am in love with this feeling of being alone. I am in love with every person I have met. I am in love with that little girl looking outside window. I am just in love with my God. I am in love with love.

Will be away for some days now. Will upload some pictures on the blog coz there are some things that I can never explain. After all, I am a scribbler not a writer, I have my limitations.

Lots of love.   


  1. a silent comment, I dont think i need 2. jst 2 let u know i read it

    1. silence is it once more when you travel sometime..thanks niharika

  2. Replies
    1. pleasure that you gave time to read and write

  3. Replies
    1. and saumya a very big thank you for reading it


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